Narrative Cards


Narrative Cards for meaningful conversations


These Narrative Cards are for practitioners; therapists, teachers, counsellors wanting to use narrative ideas in their practice.

Cards for meaningful conversations.

A set of 48 cards divided into 6 areas of exploration featuring questions through which to co-create new possibilities. The cards are there to support the worker.  Facilitating opportunities to move from what is known and familiar to what is possible to know thanks to the conversations. 

Some questions are only prompts that can be adapted to bespoke conversations—the question is only a reminder for the therapist to explore a certain area of inquiry. 

An example: How would you describe the people who are important to you? What qualities or attributes make someone important to you?

The set of cards will help the less familiar practitioner to use narrative questions.   At the same time, if you are an experienced therapist, and you are familiar with narrative ideas, these cards can provide you with words that help the conversation to stay in touch with the narrative ethos. 

When practising narrative therapy, we encourage the people consulting us to tell the problematic story, and our work as therapists is to become detectives of the preferred story line and re-tell the story in ways that move away from the problems that surround people. Once the preferred story is visible and storied, it is also our task as therapists to ask questions to enrich the story that is preferred. This is easier to say than to achieve.  With this set of cards, we have rescued from our work with individuals and groups the questions that can help to facilitate the task of discovery. With these questions, it is more possible to create a safe territory of exploration. 

Each set of cards follows a theme and identifies areas of exploration within that theme.  Each card prompts conversations to enrich preferred accounts of people’s stories.  Utilising our cards to facilitate conversations is a playful way to achieve something powerful.  The cards aid the therapist to encourage the narration of people’s stories in ways that helps them to feel empowered. The questions invite people to get in touch with surprising memories that re-connect them with their values and hopes for the future, encouraging people to take actions in life. 

We are having some excellent feedback from people that are using the cards, for example in groups, in supervision, couple therapy and as a resource to remember narrative questions.


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