Clinical Narrative Supervision is a collaborative type of supervision.  This way of supervising can be useful to a variety of helping professionals both working in the NHS and privately.

Narrative supervision is not aimed exclusively to professionals trained in Narrative Therapy.  It is a space where a professional can reflect on his or her  practice alongside with a supervisor online and face to face.  

If you would like to be supervised using the Narrative principles we offer both one to one and group supervision.

In this space it is possible to learn, develop  and be accountable for your own practice which will serve your work with the people that consult with you. New understandings and new practices can be co-created during the supervision time. 

Some of the feedback we had from supervision with us:

Individual supervision: 

“This supervision is giving me the language for having conversations that feel difficult”“

“Opportunity to think about the lines between personal and professional”

Group supervision: 

“I  am so thrilled that we have this space together and we can talk about personal experiences with the freedom to talk about the principles of Narrative Therapy” 

“Loving the space to bring stories and feel connected is like being “Alone together”

We currently supervise professionals from a range of professional backgrounds, e.g.

  • Clinical and Educational Psychologists 
  • Family Therapists 
  • Genetic Counsellors 
  • Counsellors working in fertility clinics
  •  Coaches
  • Social Workers/therapists

Supervision for Spanish Speaking Professionals

If you are a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or a coach and you are living in a Spanish or non-spanish speaking environment but would like to link with other similar professionals using the spanish language, then we have something to offer to you. You would benefit of regular guided group supervision. Contact us directly for more information or follow this link: Atelier Narratiu

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