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We are a team of highly experienced and dedicated clinical psychologists and mental health specialists working with individuals, families, groups and organisations to promote mental health and resilience. 

We believe that resilience is not just a mindset or a quality we possess as individuals but is reflected in our social context, which is built through our connections with others, the important people in our lives and the networks of support around us.

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke service that pays attention to people’s social and cultural experience as well as their emotions and behaviours. We do this by working collaboratively and in partnership with people, building stories which emphasise their personal agency and the resources available within their relationships, families, school or workplace and local communities.

We like to think of this as enabling people to find a place on the ‘riverbank’ of their lives, which means finding a sense of hope and safety from which to respond to their troubles, trauma or hardship.

Our services

  • Psychological therapy – with adults, children and families
  • Building resilience – group-work and training using narrative therapy approaches
  • Narrative Supervision – helping practitioners to develop their skills in narrative therapy
  • Community projects – narrative practice in action 

Chartered by the British Psychological Society

Registered with the Health Care Professionals Council

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Sometimes life is like the turmoil of a fast flowing river. We can help you to find a position on the riverbank where you can begin to imagine new possibilities. Lets stand together on the riverbank.