“If our life is in danger it’s like a river, fast flowing and full of hazards . . . we need to find a way out of the turmoil and the fast-flowing water and up onto the riverbank, where we can then look down upon our life” – David Denborough

Riverbank Psychology offers a clinical psychology service aimed at improving the mental health, well-being and resilience of individuals, families, groups, communities and organisations . . . enabling people to find a place on the ‘riverbank’ of their lives.

Responding to problems from a ‘riverbank position’ means finding a sense of hope and safety from which to respond to life’s troubles, trauma or hardship. It’s about building stories of who we are, who we want to be and where we have come from that emphasise personal agency and acknowledge the strength within ourselves, our relationships, families and local community.

Applying psychological models and therapies in collaboration with people’s own ‘insider’ knowledge and expertise, we seek to assist them to galvanise their skills and experience to move their lives forward in preferred directions.

Our vision is to offer a highly respectful psychology service which ‘co-facilitates’ change in partnership with the people consulting us.

Vicky Eames and Mariangels Ferrer are both highly experienced clinical psychologists who offer psychological therapy with adults, parents, children and young people, couples and families in response to:

  • Anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns
  • Relational and family distress
  • Grief, loss, trauma and abuse
  • Chronic illness
  • Problem issues in childhood and adolescence
  • Work related difficulties

Key principles

We provide a clinical psychology service within a strong ethical framework:

  • Delivered by experienced and highly trained clinical psychologistsRiverbank Psychology Bench smaller
  • Making more affordable therapy available for those able to attend outside of peak times or online
  • Use of a range of evidence based therapeutic interventions
  • Adapting therapeutic approaches to the cultural context of those consulting us
  • Use of collaborative and strengths-based approaches, which achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Use of systemic approaches which address the needs of individuals within their social context, accompanying individuals, families and communities to achieve their goals

Our Approach

Our work is underpinned by Narrative Therapy. Narrative Therapy is an approach to therapeutic work that takes a non-judgemental stance, viewing problems as separate from people and understanding that the stories people tell about their experience shape their lives, histories and futures.

This means in all our work that we seek to be respectful of the knowledge, skills, experience and expertise people hold in relation to their own lives. Our aim is to facilitate change in ways that empower people in their lives and reduces the influence of stigma.

Our Core Work Includes:

  • Therapy
  • Group work
  • Training and supervision 
  • Coaching
  • Innovation, research and development

Our services

From one-to-one therapy, couples and family therapy, supervision as well as workshops and training sessions, Riverbank Psychology has a broad range of services available to suit every possible need. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements. 

  • Individual Therapy and Coaching – private face-to-face or Skype sessions
  • Couple and Family Therapy – to explore your relationship and working together to respond to difficulties and problems
  • Clinical supervision – individual and group supervision face-to-face or via Skype
  • Group work and workshops aimed at service users in health and community settings or children and adolescents in schools or youth community settings
  • Training for staff within Health, Academic, Education and Business
  • Group coaching and personal development
  • Away-days, workshops and hands on group interventions for your staff to support them through difficult times, maximise their potential and raise the quality of your teams
  • Development of resources and therapeutic packages aimed at promoting well-being and resilience 


About Narrative Therapy

Narrative therapy is an approach to therapy and community work that aims to address the meaning people give to their experiences by emphasising the stories of people’s lives, viewing people as the experts in their own lives, and viewing problems as separate from people (White, 1988; White & Epston, 1990). Narrative therapy is based upon the assumption that humans are ‘interpreting beings’, making sense of their experience by linking the events of their daily lives together across time, the ‘narrative’ being understood as like a thread weaving the events together to form a story. Narrative therapists assume that people have many stories about their lives and relationships, developing simultaneously. Aiming to assist people to reduce the influence of problem stories in their lives, narrative therapists pay attention to the history of skills, beliefs, values and commitments, bringing to the fore the resources and knowledge within individuals, families and communities

For further information please visit the Dulwich Centre website.

Our Narrative Practice

All our work is underpinned by Narrative Therapy principles of not blaming people for their problems and privileging people’s knowledge, skills, intentions, values and commitments for living, whatever the therapeutic modality.

As well as offering Narrative Therapy with individuals, families and groups, we also offer training and supervision in Narrative Therapy and Collective Narrative Practice. 


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