Sometimes life is like the turmoil of a fast flowing river. We help our clients choose a position on the riverbank where they can begin to imagine new possibilities.

Riverbank Psychology offers a clinical psychology service aimed at improving the mental health, well-being and resilience of individuals, families, groups and organisations . . . enabling people to find a place on the ‘riverbank’ of their lives.

Responding to problems from a ‘riverbank position’ means finding a sense of hope and safety from which to respond to life’s troubles, trauma or hardship. It’s about building stories of who we are, who we want to be and where we have come from that emphasise personal agency and acknowledge the strength within ourselves, our relationships, families, school or workplace and local communities.

Applying psychological models and therapies in collaboration with people’s own ‘insider’ knowledge and expertise, we seek to assist them to galvanise their skills and experience to move their lives forward in preferred directions.

Our vision is to offer a highly respectful psychology service which ‘co-facilitates’ change in partnership with the people consulting us.

Our services

  • Psychological Therapy
  • Child and Family Psychology 
  • Narrative Group Work
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Training and supervision 

Standing together on the riverbank 

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